Dell XPS 8500 Powerhouse Multimedia Desktop – Review and buy

Figuring out a PC with good configuration is kind of confusing to everyone except for the computer experts. People always crave for the PC what they can use in every purpose whether its watching movies , gaming or other works that requires better than great configuration on that. In that case, DELL XPS 8500 is a super highly efficient Package. It comes out with desired features that every buyer looks for. This 3rd Generation Intel core-i7 3770 processor based PC fulfills almost every needs of you in general and this simple Black low-key exterior basically attracts people with its simplicity.

Dell XPS 8500 X8500 4741BK Desktop BlackDell XPS 8500 X8500 11053WT Desktop White Special Edition Chassis

Dell XPS 8500 – Features

Only one thumbscrew needs to be removed to open the side panel to explore the interior.
There is only one room for the additional HDD for 256gb SATA and a secondary Optical drive and the optical drive which is plugged in that is a 16x RW. It means you can read and write data on a compact disk using that optical drive. Though its small in size, therefore there are not that much space for expansion. The motherboard has 2 SATA port available unused and 4 memory slots. Each memory slots holds up 4gb DDR3 for a total of 16gb and 8gb DDR3 will be provided in it.
8gb Ram is almost enough to cache the OS and other multiple applications to run smoothly and if you want to upgrade this, you have the option to double it.
This is the new ‘Ivy Bridge’ Quad core 3rd generation Intel core-i7 processor which is 3.40GHz and using 2.0 turbo It can get up to 3.90GHz.

Dell XPS 8500 gives you great graphical performance because of its graphics card NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640 1GB GDDR5. It’s designed for great multimedia visual purposes and reliable gaming. Graphics Engines like this gives high performance details on visual impacts and are Dedicated 225 watt graphics horsepower.
For gaming, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640 with DirectX® is a wise choice. Games like Max Payne 3, Call of duty- Modern warfare 3 , Darksiders II and Borderlands 2 are quite good and smooth.
Darksiders II is a High Definition Game where reaching 80frames per second can take breath out of many other graphics card but thankfully GeForce® GT 640 can easily reach up to three figure FPS in 1280×720 Resolution. There are other popular games like Prototype 2, Crysis 2, Devil may cry 5 and other games requires this Graphics card. So Basically if you are a gamer and looking for a better graphics card for playing in a good resolution, then this is the Engine that can give you the true taste of gaming.
Besides gaming, Multimedia works such as 3D animation, Digital Contents making , heavy video effects editing can be done smoothly. Generating any visual work, the results of those renders are quite good and fast with this PC.
The Dell XPS 8500 has a 450w power supply. DELL ensures that a 225 watt graphics card is enough for it and having two other cooling fans, the whole system is impressively quite.

Speaking of storage, Dell XPS 8500 comes with 2TB HDD. With this storage you can store massive amount of Software,Films,Games n more. This 2TB HDD runs on 7200rpm which is impressively fast near to maximum ones in the market which can transfer data in 58.3MB/s approx.
You wont be in need of a secondary (optional 256GB 1mSATA SSD) for a long time unless you don’t collect everything and use the HDD as a server. You can keep your larger than larger grand creations or designs in this massive storage.

DELL did a great job on Dell XPS 8500 arranging the USB ports and memory card readers. Two ports below the optical drive which are 3.0 and two ports are on the top which are 2.0. Rest of the other USB ports are wired in rear part which are four more 2.0 and two more 3.0.
Total 4 Memory card readers are connected just above the optical drive and that Is really helpful. Meanwhile in rear, there are Gigabit Ethernet, SPDIF audio output and Six Audio jacks along with one HDMI port.

A Core-i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640 installed PC is not just to create High Definition Masterpieces. You can also Enjoy this little machine as your entertainment box.
With a high performance graphics tuned with 7.1 audio gives you the experience of watching and listening the way that it should be. Dell XPS 8500 features combined 7.1 audio with THX® TruStudio PC™ software what gives you two more channels of audio over conventional 5.1 surround sound system.

Dell XPS 8500 is so much user friendly for the reason to have all the important easy access ports for Printer, Monitor, Scanners and more plus 3.0 USB port for fast Data transfers.
Regarding the OS topic, Dell XPS 8500 comes with Genuine Windows 8® Home edition (64 bit) including Microsoft defender and pre-loaded Skype.
dell XPS 8500 is a winners choice. Its really good for the use as a personal PC or a workspace Computer. There are almost nothing from it what can disappoint you anyway.

Considering everything, it almost seems like DELL XPS 8500 is a PC that gives you gears to do everything possible. From workspace to entertainment level we can call it J.A.R.V.I.S without a brain and about the outlook of this PC is highly compact. The way all the ports are arranged and all the hardware are placed in that little room are quite impressive. Black PC in a compact little shape is so much eye-Catchy and pretty. This is the reason why this desktop should be on the top of the DESK. Not to hid it somewhere unseen.


  • Gives such power to do heavy application works and multiple tasks. Able to generate results quick.
  • Compact in its Own.
  • Well worth buying this product comparing the price.


  • Since its a comparatively small box, all the others graphics card may not fit in because of the less room inside in it.