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Low Price Laptops:

You can have low price laptops here in Why are we naming it low price laptops is because you get discounts on it and compare the discounts with time frame with our price graph and other low price laptops in this site. They are generally been tested over times just simply because they are in market than the relatively new products. You will get the more reviews, more pros and cons, good or bad sides of these low price laptops.

Best Brand Laptops:

It happens that we have almost any brand that you can name for a best brand laptops. Best brand laptops are generally bit costly but you can look for the discount and price history also. Best brand laptops edition is some times huge demanded. So don't wait, just go for it.

Top Brands Laptops:

We have Unique Performance Score (UPS), which is generated by the number of reviews of the laptops, laptops age, laptops price. We consider our top brands laptops by using this UPS. According this the top brand laptops should be Apple, Asus, Samsung, MSI, Dell, HP, Alienware, Sony, Lenovo.

Low Price Laptops Low Price Laptops low price laptops

Checklist for buying Low Price Laptops

  • Check the warranty first
  • Check L2 cache
  • Check Memory, processor, hard disk
  • Check battery and charger very carefully
  • Check for scratches
  • Compare price as much as you can with other top brand laptops and low price laptops
  • Must check the reviews of the product.

Best Budget Laptops

I am considering those laptops whose price is lower than $500 or close to $500 as the best budget lapotps. Now directly come to the point, which are best buy laptops, first look for the RAM and processor plus the battery. Its likely that many expensive ultrabooks has upgradable RAM and drives and removable battery. So even if your budget is $500 you should go for the laptops where you can upgrade the integral parts like RAM and battery. It might give you some extra mileage 1 or 2 years considering upagrade the RAM or other devices.

To some extant many of us is behind the screen size of the laptops. But from my point of view screen size doesn't really matter if your processor and RAM is perfect. It's obviously a factor if you are a design geek or a photographer. Anyway screen size 15 is more than enough to me. Some of my friends buy laptops as a secondary machine while they have a PC on home. I guess that's whole wrong idea for a best budget laptops or a low price laptops. Because its always tough to maintain two machines simultaneously. Like one of my friends said "Since I have a PC (desktop computer) at my home that I always use for intensive work, I’d like to take the Dell Chromebook over any of the best budget laptops picks for use as a secondary workstation or machine whether it is low price laptops or not." To me its a whole wrong idea. When the question comes for secondary, it will remain as secondary and you might end up with not using it at all.

Now remember of buying anything review is the most important thing. If you serf the web there’s no lack of reputable sites where you can get a good number of reviews about laptops like the, but they don’t always give reviews about the same models, and they have a tendency of skipping the low price laptops in favor of flashier, more costly and expensive ones to be more precise the new ones. The second thing you need to remember that while you buying the laptops you are buying the it for certain period of times. You want your laptops to be usable for a minimum period of time like 3 years, not frustrating right out of the box situation. Finally there is nothing called best budget laptops because quality doesn't have any ends. If you pour more money it will give you more good product. So fix a budget and to me it is $500 and go for it. Find a laptop within this budget which will give you more mileage than the traditional one.

Other Side of the coin: One of the popular sites moto for low price devices is "Save big on great prices". Be careful while purchasing devices from this sort of sites. The often sell the refurbished one as the new one with cheap price. For the technical part lets consider some points. It will be relatively the oldish one. May be the model is 2 - 3 years old and they are just giving the clearing sales. Secondly, the processor speed, RAM, L2 cache or any other parts of the device might be outdated one. This means if somehow you reached the warranty period you might not get the parts in any shops. For example your hard disk might crash in any point of time with numerous reasons. And you the the port or the power supply is not attachable for any other hard disk available in the market place. Thirdly in many cases it just starting malfunction after the warranty period is just over. Last but not the least the battery becomes the main issue very often. The battery performance might reduce in everyday. This is bit generic. But some brands tends to have this demerits. If you always have to plug in your charger for the power then whats the difference between a PC and a Low Price Laptops. Always look for the charger also.

Why the Reviews are important

Reviews are playing a significant role with users or consumers when they looking for purchasing products. You can call the reviews as your third eye. It clearly demonstrate or bring the real scenario of how the product will last for long run. Review generally comes from the users or the consumers who have used the product for some time. Its the vouch from them. They give the real picture of the pros and cons of the product. You can also get some experience from it, how they behave while you use it.

Reviews are the virtual word-of-mouth. "78% of online Americans aged 18-64 agree that online reviews help them decide whether or not to purchase a product". According to a new survey which is conducted by Dimensional Research, an overwhelming 90% of online buyer who recalled the reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced them for buying decisions, while 86% said buying decisions were influenced by negative reviews. A survey by Wildfire Interactive, which is a division of Google, 83% of users or consumers shared that their purchase decisions are sometimes or often influenced by user or consumer reviews. In any case they are indulged by the reviews. Finally reviews and ratings are to help you to make better decisions as they reveal valuable insights.